We’ve loved the MobilizeUs service so far. The members that have signed up have nothing but good things to say about it. Offering texting has made me look good to our interested members, so thank you for that!

Ethan C. Nobles
Association Executive
Benton/Bryant Realtors Association
Benton, Arkansas

Kentucky Jobs with Justice is very happy to be working with MobilizeUs to reach our base of supporters and members via their text-messaging software. This gives us the opportunity to reach many folks who may not have the time or energy to read an email, answer the phone, or read a letter/postcard. As we work to keep up with the technological advances of our base of support, MobilizeUs has been there to ensure that we have the capabilities to rise to the occasion. In addition to the text-messaging service that MobilizeUs offers, Kentucky Jobs with Justice has also taken advantage of another service from MobilizeUs: text-to-pledge. We tested the text-to-pledge service with our base during the month of December. We had such great feedback, that we will be keeping the text-to-pledge service. We found that this service was superior to the typical text-to-donate services for several reasons:

1. it gave us one-on-one conversation time with potential donors which increased their satisfaction with our organization,
2. potential donors were not limited to preset donation amounts; potential donors could contribute any amount they chose,
3. there is no third-party transaction fees for handling donations through this service,
4. it gives us the opportunity to engage with our supporters, and
5. potential donors will be automatically added to our text messaging service through MobilizeUs.

Kentucky Jobs with Justice, our staff and Board are more than happy to endorse MoblizeUs for their great work, awesome support, low costs, and willingness to work with us one-on-one when we were new to this technology.

Bonifacio Flaco Aleman
Executive Director
Kentucky Jobs with Justice

MobilizeUs.com has really improved communication with our parents and players. With 12 players and over 30 parents, communicating schedule or location changes in the past has been quite a chore. With MobilizeUs.com, I can literally communicate with everyone associated with the team in seconds, either from my computer at home or work, or directly from my cell phone at the field. MobilizeUs.com is great!

Brad Head, Coach & President
Kentucky Rockers Softball, Inc.

I am a youth hockey Team Manager and I have been using MobilizeUs for three years. The ease of use helps me supplement our regular team emails with timely reminders and schedule changes. My list includes parents as well, so that when it comes to team events and activities there are no surprises. The service is especially helpful when we travel out of town for tournaments, where I can reach out to my team immediately…and parents can follow along from home! MobilizeUs is easy to use, and for those rare times when there have been hiccups, their customer support team responds with an urgency that is reassuring.

Mike Schwarz
Youth Hockey Team Manager
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

The Mobilize Us service is easy to set-up and even easier to push out.

This service was valuable in providing our Annual Conference attendees with updates on schedule changes immediately as the information became available. It streamlined communication and eliminated potential confusion on-site.

This was the first time we offered text message updates to our members and, based on this experience, we definitely plan on using it again next year and even expanding it to more attendees.

Krystal VanVeghten
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Medical Group Management Association

Atlanta Jobs with Justice switched from another mass text messaging service to MobilizeUs in part because the values of MobilizeUs reflect our own, the affordable rates and also because of the personal customer support that we receive from MobilizeUs.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice has been working on a campaign to reinstate earned unemployment benefits to Georgia school workers that have been laid off through no fault of their own. We have engaged directly with school workers throughout the state and also with faith, labor, student and community allies to support the Justice for School Workers Campaign. This has included building a database of text message contacts that allows simple and rapid communication with our supporters. We are able to tailor our message to our audience, for instance, the message(s) that we send to directly impacted workers may be different than the message(s) that we are sending to community supporters. This allows us to keep messages relevant to the recipient and also helps to keep our events and messaging sharp and organized.

MobilizeUs is a simple and reliable text message system that has provided our organization with an effective tool to communicate directly with our base. I highly recommend MobilizeUs to any organization that seeks to build connectedness, relationships and effective communication within their own organization.

Roger Sikes
Organizing Director
Atlanta Jobs with Justice

My experiences with this texting service as oppose to others is how easy going it was to get the information to my clientele. Ever since I came on board my promotions has been made that much easier. Doing it from my computer or in an urgent moment being able to do it from my phone directly was most convenient. The price was comparable if not less expensive of some of the others but the customer service is what sets them apart. Debra, my customer service agent, was always available to me even after hours when I needed her most. If I was you, step your game up & take your promotions to the next level with MobilizeUs text service. You will be, as I am 4 sure, another satisfied customer.

Big D/Big D Promotions

MobilizeUs has played an important role in our fight for workers rights here in Ohio. Using their text messaging platform, we can quickly mobilize our members to call representatives regarding important legislation, or remind them to attend meetings, rallies, or events. I would highly recommend this service to any labor organization that could use a little help fighting the anti-workeragenda.

Jason Perlman
Communications Manager

I love using MobilizeUs for our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter members! It allows us to send reminders, meeting notifications and other relevant chapter information to members in a format that we know they will read—a text message! It minimizes the notes, letters, etc. that we need to deliver to students in class—saving us time and paper!

Patti Ord, Business Dept. Coordinator & FBLA Adviser
Overland High School

Boulder High School’s Panther Pride Leaders utilize MobilizeUs for communication! This unique and easy to utilize service allows the teachers to quickly and effectively communicate with our freshmen transition leaders. Information that used to be challenging to disseminate is now able to be sent out to students in a form of media they all use: their phones! Woohoo! Thank you, MobilizeUs!!

Nancy Richey
Science Teacher
Panther Pride Coordinator
Freshman Seminar Coordinator
Boulder High School, Boulder Colorado

MobilizeUs is a powerful tool for labor activists. We currently utilize Twitter, Facebook, multiple websites in providing information to our membership base, yet a direct text to a cell phone provides time sensitive information more efficiently than these other mediums.

Van Tenpenny
United Steelworkers Press Association

I have been looking for a mass text messaging product for months but couldn’t find anything my non-profit could afford. But then I found MobilizeUs! What made MobilizeUs stand out to me is it’s affordability, easy to use website and the best customer service I have seen in this type of business! Thank you MobilizeUs for helping me reach my community and making it easy and affordable!

Brian Haas
High School Pastor
Adventure Christian Church

This is the first year Know Sweat Service Projects has used the MobilizeUs texting service, and it has been an excellent investment. The service is easy to use, and has added a communicative component to our program at a level that has benefited us greatly – allowing us to mass communicate to our different service location participants regarding schedules and reminders for the week. We are also utilizing it for communication within our event staff teams, ensuring the quick and clear delivery of messages and instructions. We would highly recommend this service for any organization that wants to expand their range of influence and effectiveness. Thanks MobilizeUs!

Erin Tobias
Program Coordinator
Know Sweat Service Projects

I have been a Boulder High Baseball parent for the last 4 years, and have used MolizeUs in both text message and email format. It has been very helpful to me in terms of keeping abreast of practice times and game scheduling changes. Certainly during the era when I was the designated driver. The messaging is timely and I would rate their customer service 5 out of 5 stars!!!!! Phone calls and emails returned on a same business day basis. I found the web site easy to navigate, and if I did have a problem, staff was readily available to assist; using layman’s language. A great service, especially valuable to those parents with more than one student/athlete involved in multiple extracurricular activities. I highly recommend MobilizeUs.

Tim Crook
Boulder, Colorado
Boulder High Baseball Parent

Subaru of America has worked with MobilizeUs since 2009 and has seen solid return on investment. From creative planning and intergration to flawless execution, MobilizeUs does it all well! I highly recommend the partnership.

Ray Smit
Zone Marketing Manager
Subaru of America

As a Mall, we had never tried the texting tool in our marketing program. Debra flew in and met with the tenants at our mall as a group and one on one when necessary. She held everyone’s hand during this process and was accessible every step of the way. Their product is simple to use and their team is top notch professional. I highly recommend MobilizeUs to anyone.

Mary Stahl
Marketing Coordinator
Foothills Mall, Tucson, AZ

MobilizeUs has been a great service to have. Very affordable and easyto use. No need for the phone tree any longer. This service can be utilized by phone or computer. A few simple clicks and then type your message. Then click Send. There goes your message to several people without even having to worry about leaving a message. I love this service and would not have a sports group without it. To all team managers in any sports organization, THIS IS A MUST HAVE. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN 2010 BY FAR……..

Steven Petty
Colorado Crushers
Team Manager

Colorado State Men’s Rugby has been using MobilizeUs for our text message group for over 5 years now. Over that time we have had greatly improved communication with players getting instant updates to changes in schedule due to weather and reminders about events. Our organization and communication and cohesion as a team has greatly improved because we now contact our players rather than them having to actively check our website, their E-mail or our voicemail hotline. It’s easy to use and I highly recomend the service.

Blake Stevens
Head Coach
Colorado State University Ram Rugby

As director of our school’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) I would like to register a few words of praise for Mobilize Us. We have been using this service for more than two years to quickly contact out team members regarding meetings, training sessions and emergency messages. Mobilize Us has been of great value and its reliability and timeliness has been flawless.

Hal Burns
Director Fairview High School ERT
Boulder, Colorado

I use MobilizeUs to communicate with my adult amateur men’s league baseball team. It is my primary vehicle of communication to my team, and it has made my organizational efforts so much easier and so less time consuming. I can’t imagine how I had ever gotten along without it. Having ball players from all different backgrounds and walks of life, everyone is not always in front of a computer, so some guys don’t get emails all the time. However, everyone always has their phone on them. MobilizeUs is the best way to communicate critical andtime sensitive information to the entire team at once. I also love it because of it’s reliability – the text messages are received by EVERY phone, including the ones that are on a local non-mainstream service providers. This service has become so valuable to my team that my entire league is looking at adopting the service as a form of communication to all the team managers. This is a great service at a very reasonable price.

J.J. Boudoin
Team Manager
Atlanta Muckdogs

I have used many different websites to send out text messages and now I only use Mobilizeus.com. It is by far the easiest website to use and provides an amazing service for our fraternity. It makes communication between over 100 men extremely easy and the service is extremely reliable. One of the greatest things that MobilizeUs has to offer is that you can customize different groups so you can send messages to only a select few if you wish. Without MobilizUs, communication throughout the fraternity would not run efficiently or smoothly.

Marc Ende
Vice President
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
CU Boulder

We have been using the text-message services from Mobilize us, now for over two years for both the Boys and Girls Tennis Teams here at Boulder High School. It has literally solved our communication problems with the team, the coaches and the parents. I can send a message so quickly to any group of players or parents when we need to let them know a change in schedule or remind them of an upcoming event. We have our groups broken out by the four teams we support at Boulder High School (Varsity 1, Varsity 2, the Junior Varsity 1 and the Junior Varsity 2) so we can talk to individual teams or text the coaches, parents or individuals when we need to get to them quickly. It is so fast and affective that it has eliminated our communication problems.

Gale A. Howard
Head Tennis Coach
Boulder High School
Boulder, Colorado

Mobilize Us has worked very well for us. It is easy to use and works flawlessly and helps us to stay in touch with our folks!

Steve Ely
Lead Pastor
Passion Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I am involved with a Shriners group & we use Mobilize Us to notify our members about meeting dates & times, parades, & other items that may arise which pertain to our organization. It’s much faster, easier, & more time efficient than email as many of our members only check email occasionally. The staff at Mobilize Us is a real pleasure to work with & have helped me on many occasions when I just couldn’t get something to operate correctly. In almost all of these events, the problems were on my end but they helped us work through them & maintain contact with the membership. I would highly recommend Mobilize Us to any group who needs a reliable & user friendly Group Text Messaging Program.

Bobby Padgett
Sudan Shriners Desert Rats
Winterville NC

Three letters summarize my experience with Mobilize us. WOW. This is a have a terrific product that allowed me to distribute information about games, practices to over 40 players with a few simple clicks. For anyone that has had to depend on a call chain, or spent hours calling every person in an organization will instantly see the value of the Mobilize Us product. Thank you for simplifying my communication process for the 2010 season.

Chris Dowd
Blizzard Inline Hockey

Mobilize Us allowed The Huffington Post to bring participation beyond the confines of the Internet and into conference halls and personal interactions. The service is simple and reliable, and the people at Mobilize Us are a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Palevsky
Editor, Citizen Journalism
The Huffington Post

I really love using Mobilize Us. My wife and I help manage 4 boys sports teams and it is really nice to be able to contact everyone in an instant instead of spending an hour on the phone calling people.

Cliff R. Stout Jr.
Bethany, OK

I liked using Mobilize Us for the G20 protests because the system was straightforward and the staff was really helpful. When planning a large mobilization, there are a million details to take up your time, and having the text service work so smoothly was one major detail that I didn’t need to worry about. Thanks for the great experience, I’ll be looking for opportunities to use Mobilize Us again.

Morgan Goodwin
Avaaz Climate Action Factory

Signing up on your website (Mobilize Us.com) made my girls’ season so much easier. Everyone loved the quick communication with my players. I will definitely use it again this year!

Radka Lacjak
Girl’s Head Tennis Coach
Evergreen High School

Mobilize Us is a great tool that we use on a daily basis to communicate quickly and effectively with coworkers. Also the personal service from there support staff was outstanding. They walked me through step by step on the phone and got me setup. We have not found a better and more effective way to communicate. Thank you for great service.

Jeff Johnson
Regional Vice President
Primerica Financial Services

We love it! MobilizUs.com makes communicating with our student leaders easy and efficient and it is in a mode of communication our students love to use. When we have emergencies our students can mobilized and help!

Merritt Lealman
BVSD 360 Coordinator (Knight Crew)
Fairview High School
Boulder, Co

I don’t know how I ever got through a year of coaching without Mobilize Us. No wasted hours of phone calls, or excuses of not getting e-mails. In one quick message, Mobilize Us makes sure your messages get to you wherever you are! And with the courtesy that Mobilize Us gives to their customers, I can’t see myself using any alternative for mass messaging…

Garrett Duman
High School Baseball Coach

Mobilize Us has become an extremely valuable service to our club. The service provides us the ability to TEXT Message our weather updates to our members, by allowing them to have first hand knowledge of game day changes. The service provided is exceptional and the above & beyond customer service that Debra and John provide is a rare component in today’s marketplace.

Pat Wunsch
Executive Director
Fort Collins Baseball Club

Signing up with Mobilize Us was the best thing we could have done to stay in touch with our students. Working with teens, we have found that traditional methods of communication doesn’t work. When we started texting with Mobilize Us, our students would remember to come to meetings and special events. It is the best!

Sara Goldberg
CAJE Hebrew High School, Boulder

Mobilize Us was unimaginably critical to our organizing during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. I had no idea how receptive many of our women would be to using this technology and the patience and support from the Mobilize US team to get every woman up to speed was great. We were able to communicate our plans for the day as well as last minute venue changes and spontaneous group actions relatively easily and everyone was kept in the loop. Texting can be a learning curve for some, but it was way easier to use and implement than I thought it would be.

Dana Balicki
National Campaign Coordinator

As the General Manager of the El Paso Black Diamonds inline hockey team, Mobilize Us.com has been a tremendous asset in helping me communicate with my players. All I do is go online, click a few buttons, enter my message and send away. Thanks to the staff at Mobilize Us.com for making my life a little easier.

Raul Castaneda
General Manager
El Paso Black Diamonds

Mobilize Us has been a great tool for our baseball program. It allows us to communicate information to players and parents quickly and efficiently. We use the service almost daily, and it allows us to make last minute changes to our schedule, and still be sure that everyone receives the change. It makes a coaches life much easier!

Steve Disbrow
Baseball Head Coach
Boulder High School

Mobilize Us.com is a great tool for keeping in contact with our supporters and activists here at Planned Parenthood Arizona. We are often faced with political issues that require speedy action and the ability to message them directly on their cell phones to ask them to lobby their elected officials is fabulous! The program is easy to use and being able to sub-group our supporters by geographic location or issue interest is great, too. Mobilize Us.com also provides excellent and quick customer service. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants a fast and user-friendly way to message many people at once.

Emily Jean Herrell
Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator
Planned Parenthood Arizona

We started using mobilize us for the High School Youth Ministry program as a way to engage the youth through text messaging. Now it has become an important part of our publicity and a simple way to remind youth about events and deadlines because the youth have told us it is so helpful. Because it is easy to setup and use we are very thankful for this tool to stay in contact with the various groups of youth at our parish.

George Ketchel
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Sacred Heart of Mary

We use Mobilize Us.com to notify our skate kids when the new shop decks come in every month. We find it very effective to reach a large group of people with one effortless text message.

Katie Lednick
Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

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