Religious organizations

Connect with Members via MobilizeUs Mass Text Messaging Services

Connect with People via MobilizeUs Mass Text Messaging Services

Religious organizations know the importance of good communication with members, and those on the cutting edge use the MobilizeUs bulk SMS text messaging service. Whether you are a new congregation trying to build your membership, or an established organization trying to keep up with your youth, the MobilizeUs group text messaging platform can help you accomplish your goals.

Youth Group Event Reminders

Most young adults see a text faster than an email. Sending a text reminder is the best way to ensure youth attendance at any event.

Verse of the Day and Prayer Circles

Groups of all sizes use bulk SMS text messaging to solicit and send much needed prayers and to deliver a daily inspirational psalm or bible verse.

Conferences and Special Gatherings

Sending important logistical information via mass SMS texts helps people get to the right place at the right time, without depending on internet access or having a smart phone.


Sending text messages with a link to a donation portal to members with an appeal for a special cause can generate substantial funds.


Adventure Christian Church

Brian Haas - High School Pastor

“I have been looking for a mass text messaging product for months but couldn’t find anything my non-profit could afford. But then I found MobilizeUs! What made MobilizeUs stand out to me is it’s affordability, easy to use website and the best customer service I have seen in this type of business! Thank you MobilizeUs for helping me reach my community and making it easy and affordable!”

CAJE Hebrew High School, Boulder

Sara Goldberg - Principal

“Signing up with Mobilize Us was the best thing we could have done to stay in touch with our students. Working with teens, we have found that traditional methods of communication doesn’t work. When we started texting with Mobilize Us, our students would remember to come to meetings and special events. It is the best!”

Sacred Heart of Mary

George Ketchel - Coordinator of Youth Ministry

“We started using mobilize us for the High School Youth Ministry program as a way to engage the youth through text messaging. Now it has become an important part of our publicity and a simple way to remind youth about events and deadlines because the youth have told us it is so helpful. Because it is easy to setup and use we are very thankful for this tool to stay in contact with the various groups of youth at our parish.”

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